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Proven Success: 95th
Percentile: Specializing SAT, GRE and GMAT Test 

Through collaborative tutoring methods with parents, teachers and students; Intrepid Tutoring will:

  • Quickly identify areas your student needs to catch up on, and demonstrate easy to remember ways to learn and perform the necessary skills.

  • Ensure that the student's current area of study is well understood, and maximize scores in test taking .

  • Promote and practice study methods that pave the way to success in future classes.

Customized ​Learning 

$30/hr. Discounts for multiple sessions booked in advance.


-There is a 10% discount for 5 or more sessions paid in advance. 

Let us help you and your student feel the PRIDE that comes with academic achievement and successful test scores. 

Different Students 
Require Different
Approaches to Learning

To address student concerns, we focus on test readiness, confidence building, and stress management. Overcoming test anxiety is key to optimizing achievement, so we teach relaxation techniques, best practices to handle the EXACT material to be tested. Including specific approaches for each subject and question type. These processes allow students to face academic challenges with self-assurance and poise.

Top College
Exam Prep

Double-check college admissions requirements for each college you are applying to. Some colleges prefer one specific type of college entrance exam or test over another, while others have admissions regulations on when your scores are due to qualify as an applicant for the next semester.

FREE 2 hr Overview
SAT/ACT Course

Sign up for a free class on tips and tricks students can use to increase their SAT/ACT scores.


TBD 2020

5 Week Course

Register for a 5 Week Course. Refer a friend and receive a discount!


One-on-One Tutoring Sessions

Need help in a specific subject or test - we can help! Hire a tutor to come meet you at your house and give you one-on-one tutoring sessions.



     He provided a tactical and strategic process  to score well on these tests, then ultimately how to score in the 95th  percentile and higher.



— Chloe S.

Our son has some learning challenges which make learning math the traditional way difficult.  Mr. Schwartz adapted his teaching style to our son's needs and was able to get him on track fairly quickly.  He's very enthusiastic and caring and his style helped build our son's confidence.



Mr. Schwartz is patient and easy to understand.  He makes learning math fun - even the hard stuff.  Our tutoring sessions didn't even feel like work.


— 13 yr. old student


Mark also helped  motivate her to improve her scores. I would highly recommend Mark as a tutor to help improve ACT and SAT scores.


— Mary W.


— Cindy S.

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